2JT Ranch
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Jeff and Jo Thompson
11040 29th Street SW
Dickinson, ND 58601
Registered Miniature Herefords ...
Registered Name: KAP Viking's Lil Joele
DOB: 06/21/2009
Registered Name:  KAP Lil Rockin Fairy
DOB: 02/17/2008
Registered Name:  KAP Ruby James
DOB: 07/15/2011
Registered Name:  KAP Orana Miracle
DOB: 07/16/2011
Registered Name:  KAP Quip's Victory
DOB: 05/20/2010
Registered Name:  XLP Lucky
DOB: 05/17/2008
Oct. 2013
​Registered Name:  2JT Lil Kid Rio
Tag #:  301        DOB:  03/11/2013
Dam:  KAP Viking's Lil Daiya
Sire:  KAP Lil Kid Vance ET
​Name:  2JT Fletcher's Lil Lady
Tag #:  302
DOB:  03/25/2013
Dam:  KAP Viking's Lil Joele
Sire:  KAP Fletcher Quip
We have semen for sale from this bull.  More info listed on the Sale Barn Page.
Name:  2JT Victor's Lucky  Penny
Tag #:  603
DOB:  04/12/2016
Dam:  XLP Lucky
Sire:  KAP Quip's Victory
Name:  2JT Victor's Ellie Girl
Tag #:  610
DOB:  05/02/2016
Dam:  KAP Viking's Lil Joele
Sire:  KAP Quip's Victory
Name:  2JT Rio's Tinker Bell
Tag #:  612
DOB:  05/22/2016
Dam:  KAP Lil Rockin Fairy
Sire:  2JT Lil Kid Rio