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About 2JT Ranch
Growing up on large cattle operations, ranching is in our blood and our desire to get back into that lifestyle led us to where we are today. Unable to purchase a large ranch and run traditional cattle we opted to get into ranching on a smaller scale by raising cattle that are smaller framed and required less acreage.  Most of our herd are a 0 frame score to a 1, putting them on the large end of miniatures and into the Classic size.

In addition to our little cow herd, our kids have chickens and sell fresh eggs.  We enjoy being outside on our place in the country and raising our kids out of town where they can enjoy the outdoors and experience growing up on a ranch as we were both fortunate enough to do.

We currently have herefords, dexters and some crossbreds.  Our stocks' frame score sizes range from '00' to '1'.  We are out in the pasture with our cattle daily and they are used to people and easy to be around.  We strive to have the cattle to meet your needs whether it is for backyard beef or registered seedstock.

Thank you for visiting our website.  Feel free to contact us via email or phone and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
The view down the fenceline. . . grass is almost taller than the cows.
The start of our herd
Joele and her heifer calf, Lady, in July 2013
Matilda and her 2014 bull calf.
#408 bull calf and our barn cat
The kids checking on a new calf.
A couple of 2014 calves in our summer pasture.

2JT Ranch
Dickinson, ND

Bulls bedded down in the barn on a cold night
Annie with her steer calf summer 2016.
Springtime at 2JT Ranch involves welcoming all kinds of new babies into the world.
2JT Ranch
Showing a market steer at the county fair.