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Jeff and Jo Thompson
11040 29th Street SW
Dickinson, ND 58601
Listed below are the cattle we currently have for sale...

 Contact us for more information and pricing

Semen is available from KAP Quip's Victory

$50 per Straw and additional $50 for registration certificate

​Hereford Bull Calf                   *SOLD*

Tag #:  710
DOB: 5/08/17                                         
Dam:  KAP Ruby James
Sire:   2JT Lil Kid Rio
Birth Weight:   55 lbs

The picture on the right is of last year's full brother to #710.  Ruby and Rio's 2017 bull is looking a lot like him.  Their parents both have great dispositions and are easy keepers.  

​Herd sire and or show bull/steer prospect.

A small deposit will hold him until weaning this fall. 

​*not currently registered but can be at buyer's request.
​Hereford Bull Calf                                          *SOLD*

Tag #:  711
DOB:  05/14/17                                                                                  
Dam:  KAP Lil Rockin Fairy
Sire:   2JT Lil Kid Rio
Birth Weight:   65 lbs

Nice bull calf out of one of our better mother cows.  Bigger than our average birth weight, but born unassisted and doing great. 
​We were going to castrate this guy but have not yet.  Contact us soon and let us know what you'd like to use him for.   A small deposit will hold him until weaning this fall.  

*not currently registered but can be at buyer's request.
​Hereford Steer Calf                                     *SOLD*

Tag #:  706
DOB:  04/22/17                                                                                  
Dam:  KAP Orana Miracle
Sire:   2JT Lil Kid Rio
Birth Weight:   47 lbs

Cute calf that is friendly and may stay on the smaller side.  Will be castrated mid June.  A small deposit will reserve him until he's weaned in October.
 #614 bull. Sept 2016  
​Hereford Dexter Cross Steer Calf

Tag #:  700
DOB:  4/11/17                                                                                
Dam:  #506 Dexter Hereford cross
Sire:  2JT Lil Kid Rio  
Birth Weight:  53 lbs.

​Hereford Dexter Cross Steer Calf
​                                                                      *Sale Pending* 
Tag #:  701
DOB:  4/11/17                                                                                
Dam:  #B06 Dun Dexter  
Sire:  KAP Quip's Victory 
Birth Weight:  65 lbs.
​Crossbred Steer Calf

Tag #:  702
DOB:  4/15/17                                                                                
Dam:  #100 Dexter Lowline cross  
Sire:  2JT Lil Kid Rio 
Birth Weight:  50 lbs.

Hereford Cross Steer Calf

Tag #:  704
DOB:  4/17/17                                                                                
Dam:  #403 Dexter Hereford cross
Sire:  2JT Lil Kid Rio
Birth Weight:  50 lbs.

Hereford Dexter Cross Steer Calf

Tag #:  705
DOB:  4/20/17                                                                                
Dam:  #B01 Black Dexter 
Sire:  KAP Quip's Victory
Birth Weight:  53 lbs.

Hereford Dexter Cross Steer Calf

Tag #:  709
DOB:  4/27/17                                                                                
Dam:  #B03 Dexter Hereford cross
Sire:  KAP Quip's Victory
Birth Weight:  55 lbs.

Registered Hereford Bull   -  KAP Quip's Victory

DOB:  05/20/2010                                                                                 
Dam:  LS Miss KY Granite
Sire:   KAP Lil Kid Quip
AHA Registry # 43104018

It's time for us to change herd sires, as we have too many daughters out of Victor.  He is an excellent bull that passes his thickness and easy going disposition on to his calves.  Proven breeder that has been semen tested.